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Dispensary Profile: Village Green Society, Boulder, CO
Posted in News on 8 April 2010
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 The Village Green Society is in a beautiful small Victorian house, one block north of the Boulder Pearl Street Mall. Upon entering, you could be in any type of upscale, Pottery-Barn-esque office with hanging spotlights, shining hardwood floors, and comfortable furniture. The place is warm, inviting, and hip. Adam Odoski, one of the owners of [...]

Underwriting Medical Marijuana
Posted in News on 1 April 2010
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Mike Aberle is the national director, medical marijuana specialty division for Statewide Insurance Services, a Sacramento, CA company that insures dispensaries and other services in the medical marijuana industry. The Marijuana Business Reporter’s Ron Shinkman recently talked with Aberle about where the medical marijuana business is headed.   MARIJUANA BUSINESS REPORTER: How many policyholders do [...]

Dispensary Profile: Herbal Connections, Denver, CO
Posted in News on 30 March 2010
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Herbal Connections is in a small strip mall in the trendy Highland neighborhood of Denver. Although there are bars on the windows and the waiting room has all the personality of a generic cubicle, Bob Carleton, the owner, is incredibly well-versed in the science of how medical marijuana affects the body. Carleton, a friendly and [...]