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Dispensary Profile: Dr. Green Meds, Valley Village, CA
Posted in News on 12 May 2010
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In a business where “location, location, location” often means a strip mall, industrial park or an overtly anonymous storefront, Dr. Green Meds has its competitors beat. Sitting on the ground floor of a recently refurbished two-story office building in the prosperous Los Angeles suburb of Valley Village, its neighbors are Web designers, talent agents and [...]

Underwriting Medical Marijuana
Posted in News on 1 April 2010
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Mike Aberle is the national director, medical marijuana specialty division for Statewide Insurance Services, a Sacramento, CA company that insures dispensaries and other services in the medical marijuana industry. The Marijuana Business Reporter’s Ron Shinkman recently talked with Aberle about where the medical marijuana business is headed.   MARIJUANA BUSINESS REPORTER: How many policyholders do [...]

Dispensary Profile: Boo-Ku Collective Care, Van Nuys, CA
Posted in News on 18 March 2010
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Boo-Ku Collective Care in Van Nuys opened three years ago as the real estate market peaked and its owner could no longer earn money flipping homes. The initial $80,000 investment has already paid off. After about a year in operation, John, Boo-Ku’s owner, was able to cover the payments on the last home he couldn’t [...]