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Dispensary Profile: Lotus Medical, Denver, CO
Posted in News on 15 April 2010
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  Lotus Medical, in the fashionable Lodo district of Denver, is a large, welcoming space with a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. There are books to leaf through (and with books by both Bill Maher and Glenn Beck, a very egalitarian selection), photographs and a zen garden to contemplate and a massage-type chair for patrons to use. [...]

Dispensary Profile: Village Green Society, Boulder, CO
Posted in News on 8 April 2010
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 The Village Green Society is in a beautiful small Victorian house, one block north of the Boulder Pearl Street Mall. Upon entering, you could be in any type of upscale, Pottery-Barn-esque office with hanging spotlights, shining hardwood floors, and comfortable furniture. The place is warm, inviting, and hip. Adam Odoski, one of the owners of [...]

Dispensary Profile: Herbal Connections, Denver, CO
Posted in News on 30 March 2010
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Herbal Connections is in a small strip mall in the trendy Highland neighborhood of Denver. Although there are bars on the windows and the waiting room has all the personality of a generic cubicle, Bob Carleton, the owner, is incredibly well-versed in the science of how medical marijuana affects the body. Carleton, a friendly and [...]