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Candy Girls Earn Their Medical Marijuana Stripes
Posted in News on 24 March 2010
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It’s 10:30 on a Monday night and the Candy Girls, aka Jennifer Hawkins-Smith, Anna, and Sonja (the latter declined to use their last name) have just arrived at the commercial kitchen they rent,  carrying bags of groceries. The late hour is the time they always meet to begin their orders for their many customers.    “It [...]

Dispensary Profile: Highlands Health/Wellness, Denver, CO
Posted in News on 23 February 2010
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Highlands Health is located in nondescript office high-rise in Denver’s hip Highlands neighborhood. Inside, it’s bright and cheery, with a bit of a new-age feel—the walls are a bright gold, with paper stars and lanterns and a large sun mirror. The waiting room was not crowded on the Marijuana Business Reporter’s visit, but never empty. [...]

Dispensary Profile: Metro Cannabis, Denver, Colorado
Posted in News on 1 February 2010
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 Metro Cannabis is located in an unassuming office strip that is primarily occupied by doctors. The “M C, Inc. ” on the outside sign is the only clue to its existence. Inside, the office is comfortable and professional and could easily be mistaken for a doctor’s office – except for the ATM machine in the corner, the list of [...]