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Compassion Club Profile: Birmingham Compassion
Posted in News on 1 July 2010
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Talking Medical Marijuana with Birmingham Compassion   “A compassion club is essentially a local support organization for medical marijuana patients, their family members, their caregivers and other interested community members,” says Tony Philips, the head of Birmingham Compassion, a Michigan-based organization for medical marijuana patients. “They are often non-profit and focused on education and support. [...]

Compassion Club Profile: Metro Detroit
Posted in News on 30 June 2010
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It has been just over a year since medical marijuana officially became law in the state of Michigan. The movement is in full effect, and Chris Thomas of the Metro Detroit Medical Marihuana Association is one of the crusaders leading the charge.  “We give out flyers, we hold monthly meetings to inform people how to [...]

Michigan’s Davey Crocker Blazes Trail
Posted in News on 17 March 2010
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Given all the controversy surrounding  just who has the right to grow and distribute medical marijuana, one might believe that it’s still illegal in Michigan.  Despite what the law says, some cities in the Great Lake state are not on board with the idea of treating cannabis like traditional medicine.  But while some have gone [...]