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Dispensary Profile: Botanicure, San Diego, CA
Posted in News on 16 March 2010
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On the day that Botanicure opened its doors in the Point Loma area of San Diego, local law enforcement officials were raiding dispensaries across the city. Although Botanicure was never targeted, with that kind of an opening day, it’s perhaps not surprising that the collective has kept things low key during its six months in [...]

Dispensary Profile: Made Fresh Daily, San Diego, CA
Posted in News on 10 March 2010
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You have to look pretty closely to find the Made Fresh Daily Collective in downtown San Diego. The dispensary is located in the bottom floor of a gleaming new office building, indistinguishable from neighboring offices where event planners and architects do their own work. The cooperative’s director, Aland Kay, said he’s spent around $20,000 renovating [...]

Dispensary Profile: Agape Collective, San Diego, CA
Posted in News on 5 March 2010
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 Agape Collective’s front door is unmarked and bright red. The wooden paneling is out of synch with the rest of the block on Garnet Avenue, in the heart of San Diego’s beach community. Passersby don’t know exactly what’s behind the mysterious red door, but this place catches the eye. Social Bookmarking