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La Vie en Verte Explores Cannabis Collective
Posted in News on 9 July 2010
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Arguably one of the least pretentious artistic endeavors to originate in France, La Vie en Verte commits to video an unprecedented take on the American marijuana collective experience. This low-budget enterprise guides its audience through the story of WAMM, the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana, with disarming simplicity: Sick people ingest cannabis and get better, [...]

Patient Collective Profile: Tacoma Hemp, Tacoma, WA
Posted in News on 25 May 2010
Stats: 35,923 views and 29 Comments

Early in 2009, Justin Prince began growing marijuana for a Washington State friend who was a licensed patient. He was disturbed to learn what was being passed off as medicine. “It wasn’t really a medical choice; It was a purchase option,” insists Prince, 38. “Low-quality, outdoor shit-weed from California or local eastern Washington stuff — [...]

Oregon’s Liberty Glass Builds Cult Following
Posted in News on 3 May 2010
Stats: 35,798 views and 122 Comments

 As a teen marijuana enthusiast in Northern California, Chris “Buddha” Miller fell in love with glass pipes whose initially minimal colors filled out beautifully as resin collected inside of them. He would drive from his home in Sacramento to San Francisco, where the most elaborate and well-crafted glass could be purchased — for a sizeable [...]